Hobe Sound Chapter

Budget: $130,000

Location: Banner Lake Community Center – Hobe Sound, Florida

Program Summary: The Hobe Sound Chapter proudly employees 10 First Serve Ambassadors who work alongside other existing non profits, providing a Monday-Friday after school program for 147 middle and elementary school students and 98 toddlers.

The Ambassadors at this site work actively each day to provide necessary support to help our partners in Hobe Sound maintain their incredible numbers of attendees, giving jobs to dedicated teens while also offering them a number of resources through our curriculum and coaching. This significant involvement from local teens provides the children with caring role models who invest in their lives by helping them complete homework assignments, practice reading, develop their motor skills through sports and exercise, express creativity, and develop skills such as conflicts resolution and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Sponsorship Naming Opportunity:
The ____________ Chapter of First Serve in Hobe Sound. Your organization can have its name and values proudly displayed as a First Serve Partner, as generation after generation are positively impacted as they walk through the doors of your building.

Strategic Partners