D20 Choir

Budget: $130,000

Location: Forest Hill High School – West Palm Beach, FL

Program Summary: Our First Serve D20 Choir Chapter is one of the most celebrated youth choirs in the state, with their talent and renown garnering appreciation and recognition throughout the US and into the UK. This choral group is led

by distinguished Palm Beach Atlantic Alumni, Mr. Sterling Frederick, and operates as a Club out of Forest Hill Community High School. The choir meets once a week after school and consists of more than 20 First Serve Ambassadors. 

During the school year, D20 performs popular music and life lesson skits at local middle and elementary schools. After each performance, the singers break into small groups to meet their fans. 

The First Serve Ambassadors comprising the D20 Choir are trained to help guide their peers and younger children by discussing the importance of making good decisions. When they are not performing in London or New York City, D20 is available for select local performances that benefit the mission of First Serve.

Sponsorship Naming Opportunity:
The ____________ Chapter of First Serve in D20 Choir. Your organization can have its name and values proudly displayed as a First Serve Partner, as generation after generation are positively impacted as they walk through the doors of your building.

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